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At East Coast Finance Group our reputation is built on trust and “Putting You First” philosophy. We will take you by the hand and guide you through the finance maze.

We understand that everyone is busy and time poor.

Whether you’re a first home buyer or an experienced investor, with over 17 Years of industry experience the team at East Coast Finance Group have all the experience and skills needed to get the job done when looking for the right home loan suitable to your specific needs.

You will receive a monthly interest rate update and a quarterly newsletter to keep you informed of market rates and conditions to help save you money at every opportunity. We are already saving our clients hundreds of $$$ a month.

East Coast Finance Group is committed to providing our clients with the best possible service and communication to ensure that we continue with our “Putting You First” philosophy.

What’s more, we provide these services at no cost to our clients.

It’s Simply a Trust Thing.

Let us find the right loan for you from our local finance experts...

Mortgage Broking FAQs

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Q: How much deposit do I need to buy my first home?

A: This varies according to the type of loan you are taking out, the amount you are borrowing and the lender’s policy, but in general you should aim to save a deposit of between 10 to 20 per cent of the purchase price.The more deposit you have saved, the less you’ll need to borrow, which means you make lower repayments and pay less interest.

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Q: What are deposit bonds?

A: Deposit Bonds act as a substitute for the cash deposit between signing a contract and settlement of a property , they are issued by insurance companies for a modest fee. At settlement the purchaser is required to pay the full purchase price including the deposit. Contact East Coast Finance to determine if a Deposit Bond will be required for your scenario and we can advise the costs involved.

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Q: How much can I borrow?

A: Depends on factors like the size of your income and deposit, but many lenders require a maximum of 90 per cent Loan-to-Valuation Ratio (LVR), which means that you can borrow up to 90 per cent of the purchase price, but you will have to supply evidence of your ability to save at least 5 per cent of the value of the property (‘genuine savings’).

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Q: What about the First Home Owners Grant?

A: This government assistance program provides you with a one-off payment to use towards the deposit for your first home. The grant amount varies from state to state, so check with East Coast Finance – they can help you apply for the grant as well as arrange for prompt payment.

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Q: Does my credit rating affect my borrowing ability?

A: Your credit will be checked as part of the loan process, so you may find it harder to secure a loan if you haven’t paid your bills, skipped payments or exceeded credit card limits. Contact your East Coast Finance for assistance in accessing your credit history, as you might be able to improve your rating before you apply for a loan.

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Q: How do I know which type of mortgage is best for me?

A: There are a number of factors to consider, including your current financial situation, your goals and how long you intend to keep your house. We can work with you to help evaluate your choices and find a solution that meets your needs both now and in the future.

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“We wanted a loan structure that would allow us to purchase multiple investment properties. The guys at East Coast came back with a structure that met our brief. They took the time to explain the structure and how it all worked. It was all explained in simple to understand terms which gave us great confidence. ”

Peta & Ingrid

October 17, 2014


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Let us find the right loan for you from our local finance experts...

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